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About GL Africa Energy

GL Africa Energy (UK) Limited is a UK registered Company that is investing in energy solutions in the Great Lakes and Southern Africa regions.

The company was established in 2013 with the aim of becoming a leading developer and operator of power projects. GL Africa Energy (UK) is the holding company for a series of African based power projects.

Our Vision

To be the total energy solutions provider of choice for the Great Lakes and Southern Africa and remain a leader in innovation and sustainability.

Our Mission

Powering the Great Lakes and Southern Africa by developing and managing state-of-the-art power projects generated from the most efficient local sources of energy.

Our Values

We work as a Team

We are driven by Innovation

We believe in Partnerships

We are Responsible citizens

Powering Africa’s growth

The Great Lakes and Southern Africa regions have a significant shortage of power, and their respective governments have invited independent power providers to meet the shortfall. As an energy solution company, GL Africa Energy is offering total energy solutions by investing in energy generation and management projects.


The company has a strategy to generate about 1000MW of power by 2020. To achieve this, GL Africa Energy (UK) is expanding its portfolio of projects in such fields as:

  • Gas-powered energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Bio Mass energy
  • Hydro power energy
  • Heavy Fuel Oil energy

Total Energy Solution

As a total energy solutions company, GL Africa Energy (UK) specializes in building state-of-the-art power plants and providing off grid companies with viable energy systems. We also assist companies manage their power needs through installation and management of generators. We partner with the world renowned companies to get the most efficient technology that provides affordable power.

Health and Safety

GL Africa Energy is committed to conducting its business in a way that protects its employees, the communities it operates in, the environment and the general public. Our facilities are designed, built and controlled to meet internationally recognized quality standards. The design features of the plants, operational procedures and emissions monitoring programmes ensures that they comply with the highest environmental standards.


A Career At GL Africa Energy Limited

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