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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a way of giving back to the communities that we operate within, GL Africa Energy (UK) supports sustainable development projects in education and conservation.


We have supported various social-economic projects in Zambia, including the renovation of Katanda Basic School, refurbishment of Old Regiment School, establishing an income generating project for Lundazi Primary School’s Special unit, provision of medical equipment for the paediatric wing at Arthur Davidson Hospital and sponsorship of the Elephant Charge, an annual off-road motorsport event to raise money for wildlife conservation.

We are also a long-term supporter of Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy’s flagship Mountain Bongo Breeding Program in Kenya.


GLAE Supports Mountain Bongo Breeding Program at Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy


Great Lakes Africa Energy (GLAE) is proud to be a long-term supporter of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy (MKWC).


Founded in 2004, the Conservancy is a non-profit trust dedicated to protect and conserve Kenya’s most endangered animals. It is best known for its long history in Mountain Bongo conservation, which is a critically endangered animal that is endemic to Kenya.


The Conservancy is also a central partner with Kenya Wildlife Service in Bongo preservation and is an active member of the National Bongo Task Force, and the key player for the National Recovery and Action for the Mountain Bongo.


Preserving the Bongo and its natural habitat is vital for Kenya’s biodiversity, food security and economic growth. Despite this, habitat destruction, disease and illegal logging have left it on the brink of extinction. With fewer than 100 Bongos left in Kenya, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has labelled it a critically endangered species.


This is why GLAE provides vital funding to the Conservancy’s flagship Mountain Bongo Breeding Program. The Program has been highly successful, and MKWC is now the largest natural habitat, Bongo breeding facility in the world, with a population of 77. With our support, we hope that this will grow to 85 by the end of 2019.


The Conservancy also works to protect all animals. It has an Animal Sanctuary that provides shelter and professional care to wild animals that have been orphaned, injured, neglected or abused, with the goal of releasing the animals back into the wild. The latest additions to the orphanage include Antonella, a baby Lesser Kudu, whose mother had sadly passed away, and a young leopard who had lost a paw because of a poacher’s snare.


Educating communities is also essential, ensuring the vital work being done at MKWC is being passed on to future generations. 10,000 children are given conversation lessons at the Conservancy’s Education Centre, which has become a model facility for across the country on how best to inspire young Kenyans to protect their wildlife and environment.


GLAE will continue to support all three pillars of MKWC’s work. As a business, we will play our role in ensuring that the Africa’s wildlife and habitats thrive. It is our collective responsibilities to protect this vital patrimony.


Great Lakes Supports School For Special Needs

Lundazi, October 2016

Local community leaders join staff from Great Lakes Africa Energy and its partner Education Outreach for Children with Disabilities in the commissioning of the flour milling machine.


Great Lakes Africa Energy has sponsored the establishment of an income generating project for the Lundazi Primary School’s special unit. The community initiative generates funds to finance the operations of the boarding section of the special unit.


Through the support the community purchased and installed a solar powered flour miller. This will provide milling services to the community in the area at a fee. The support has also assisted the community establish a poultry project with an initial 100 layers.


Implementation of the project was done by the Education Outreach for Children with Disabilities (EdOCD).


As part of community engagement in projects, parents at the school participated in making the bricks for the operating rooms for the project.


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