Donation delivered to Nampula’s Provincial Hospital – Nacala’s District Health Directorate, in Nacala


Donation delivered to Nampula’s Provincial Hospital – Nacala’s District Health Directorate, in Nacala

Nacala, 17th June 2021

GL Energy (GLE) Mozambique donated 250 thousand dollars (18.5 million meticais) in medical equipment to the Mozambican health authorities, in the context of the fight against Covid-19. The donation, which includes 70,000 visors, 50,000 surgical masks and 20,000 N95 masks, was delivered to Nampula’s Provincial Hospital – Nacala’s District Health Directorate, in Nacala.

Aware of the importance of supporting Mozambique at a time of great challenges, GLAE aims to contribute to the efforts of health authorities to fight the spread of the disease, demonstrating its commitment to the communities where it operates and to the country. The donation will allow access to protective equipment, limiting the disease’s propagation among health professionals and the society in general.

As a responsible and concerned company, this is a way to reinforce investment in the safety and well-being of people, supporting the health units’ response capacity in the fight against the pandemic.

The donation to Mozambique is part of a broad aid package to combat Covid-19 across the African continent. Janus Continental Group (JCG) – GLAE's holding company – has donated a total of US Dollars 837,500 so far, supporting countries such as Zambia (200,000 dollars), Kenya (225,000 dollars) and Uganda (212,500 dollars). In 2019, GL Africa Energy Limited had already demonstrated its solidarity with Mozambique by donating 200,000 dollars, following the destruction caused by Cyclone Idai.

GLAE considers that companies should have the sensitivity to help the Government and health organizations in their efforts, both at national and local levels within their communities. These donations are one more sign of the long-term commitment to Mozambique and the markets in which JCG companies operate.

The company's objective is to invest, develop and operate strategic projects, while offering sustainable energy solutions centered on Sub-Saharan Africa. As part of its ambition, GLAE participated and was awarded an international tender based on the Government of Mozambique Domestic Gas allocation aimed at benefiting the country through various Gas related project. GLAE as the awardee of the Energy production allocation is closely working with the relevant stakeholders to develop a 250 MW Gas Fired Plant in Nacala.

The project will be beneficial to the country in many ways, including using the natural resource from the Rovuma Basin and boosting local economy, providing reliable energy close to the load centers, and reducing service interruptions in the Region. The plant will help to respond to the growing demand for energy, adding the necessary megawatts to EDM’s (Electricidade de Moçambique) system. Natural gas is a cleaner energy that will help governments to intervene in the fight against climate change.

The project will also provide significant opportunities for local businesses and workers and will incorporate various social interventions to benefit local communities, such as employment, health, and support to education. During the construction of the power plant, more than 300 direct workers are expected to be involved in the project and a considerable number during the operational period.

The power plant will support the Government's vision of making Nacala a hub for transport and trade, providing reliable energy that will help emerging industries, and further strengthen Mozambique position as the leading power exporter through the South African Power Pool (SAPP) network and other interconnections.

Post-handover photo with the Governor of Nampula Province and Provincial Director, Ministry of Health, Mozambique.